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Solvay is a global chemical company that needed to launch its new human resources organization through a kick-off event for 165 worldwide HR managers. Mach Media managed many aspects of this important event, including assistance with the theme, visual identity, invitations, event website, conference banners, dinner venue, PowerPoints, videos and brochures. Mach Media’s Account Lead, Taunya Renson-Martin, even had the fortune to moderate the event.

Despite the “down to the wire” nature of several of these elements, 165 Solvay HR employees from around the world were able to enjoy the launch of their new organization. According to surveys taken after the show, attendees described the event as informative, well organized, motivating and fun. Senior HR staff left the conference energized and ready to take on their new responsibilities.

Steps Taken (iMAP)

Mach Media worked closely with Solvay to understand their key ambitions regarding the launch of their new HR organization.

Ensured all the content – from scripts, videos, invites, PowerPoints, kits and presentations – matched the desired messaging.

All of the components of the campaign helped to deliver a unified theme for the new HR organization.

Being resourceful and proactive helped ensure the success of an important event.